22 May 2024


As a status symbol, jewellery is being used for a long time. Not only that it represents wealth but also power by highlighting the personalities.

Jewellery has rightly evolved from social status to something ethereal, making it far more than just an accessory.
Jewellery is an inherent part of fashion and self expression. Women wear jewellery in different forms to occasions and events. Women feel confident and beautiful by wearing any piece of jewellery. Either in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings or sets, jewellery symbolises happiness, wealth, opulence, social status and fashion. For centuries, jewellery is being ย worn for body decoration because it also adds up to beauty of body elegantly.


Based on materials,jewellery is categorised in different common ones:


A piece of mineral crystal which is used to make jewellery or any other adornments are Gemstones. These gemstones are mostly cut and polished before used in any jewellery. Though, throughout the history, it has been believed that wearing different gemstones bring health, luck, and protection.
Sapphire, diamond, ruby, opal, emerald are the top most used gemstones in jewellery. These are most popular gemstones that are used in rings, earrings or any other jewellery style.


Out of all the gemstones, diamond is the most luxurious gem used in jewellery. Diamonds are highly expensive due to their rarity, beauty and durability. Clarity, carat, weight and colour determine the diamondโ€™s value.

Diamond symbolises love, beauty and strength in jewellery. Associated with strength and health, diamonds have been used in jewellery by power figures to symbolise strength.
Diamonds have been long linked to hearts therefore hold quite a value when gifted to partner.
Diamonds are used as a symbol of everlasting love hence used widely in rings for marriage proposals, engagements and wedding. Used in any adornment, diamonds enhance the elegance of jewellery and reflects a unique personality.


If you are engaged, chances are you have a sparkling diamond on your finger. But here is why diamond rings are worth it?

Diamond to have gained popularity as love gemstone, it is used widely and mostly in rings. Cut and polished in the way client wants, diamond rings are head turners.The sparkle and the beauty that it holds, Diamond engagement rings remain the most popular choice for many couples. Not only because diamond is expensive and symbolizes luxury, couples choose diamonds for their ring because of its beauty and sparkle.

The styles of diamond rings have evolved over time. Now there is an endless array of different cuts, different shapes, different colours and different carat of diamonds to choose from. A classic white band with a round cut diamond has been the most popular diamond engagement ring in the past few years. This style has been the top most style opted by the couples because it symbolized tradition and simplicity whereas the modern couple chooses a pear-shaped diamond on their ring. Therefore, diamond rings are hugely symbolizing love, commitment and strength.


The most desired weight of diamond on a ring is 3 carat. Diamonds are extremely durable and long lasting therefore the right weight speaks words. 3 carat diamond ring is desirable due to its large size which is noticeable but not overbearing on fingers. A 3 carat diamond of any shape, either round, oval or pear, remarkably displays brilliance and captures light. Along with the weight and size of diamond, the metal of the ring enhances its beauty. Diamond on gold looks rich whereas on platinum it looks elegant. Diamond rings always shine the most when made in platinum. It enhances the beauty of diamond even more and makes it more sparkly, catching peopleโ€™s attention.

A three carat diamond ring is a rich and luxurious statement of love. It shows the depth of love, commitment and strength a couple holds.Now you may be wondering what a three carat diamond ring would cost? We have got all

done for you.

A good quality three carat diamond ring will cost you between ยฃ20,000 and ยฃ150,000($15500- $45000) depending upon the shape.
Diamonds can vary widely depending upon different factors including lab grown, colour, treated, clarity and so on. ย Therefore, the price varies according to these factors.A three carat diamond ring displays classic and timeless appearance. It is a rare, luxurious and elegant piece of jewellery that stuns a diamond weighing approx. 3 carat.
Hence, if you are looking for a perfect ring that show your love, commitment and strength, Diamond ring with platinum is the perfect piece of brilliance.